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However is it illegal to use game cracks so that you dont need a disk to play the game? No, they're just cracks that let you run the games without CDs in case you lose them, etc.. As long as you bought the game, they're legal. However Most Devs dont really bother about such things tbh, and they often release no cd patches sometime after launch. Using cracks circumvents federal DMCA laws where you cannot purposefully bypass software security. Just because you didn't write the code to do the circumvention doesn't mean its not doing the same end result.

We should sue Ubisoft. They cracked their own game R6V2 to fix some issues, using a Reloaded crack. They are technically illegal, but it's so widespread and insignificant that it's just not worth circumventing. It's like most problems, wy go for the end user, when you can cut it off with the supplier? No-DVD cracks also fixed alot of other problems I had with other games, and helped me keep my games without a scratch for a very long time.

The game states quite clearly that they don't support Vista 64 or any version of Vista most likely. Just because it fixes the game and makes it playable doesn't mean you aren't circumventing software security measures. One doesn't have anything to do with the other. The reason why cracks might be considered illegal is because of people buying the game That means they get the game essentially for free and the inconvenience of either downloading it or waiting for delivery is cut out.

There's no "might be illegal. Firms don't like CD cracks at all, and theres certainly nothing related to losing CD's or scratching them. If thats the case then why have CD checks in the first place after you install the game? As stated before it is illegal because of the DMCA digital millennium copyright act.

But with the internet the way it is, they cannot enforce these penalties efficiently so you run almost no risk.

Dude you really have to calm down. You are taking this issue far too seriously and due to the wonder that is the internet, there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Firms cannot enforce these laws due to the availability of cracks, and even if they are "illegal" which you think is reason enough to disuade people from using them, it's like telling teenagers not to smoke. The simple notion of telling them a cigarette exists means they want to try it, and with cracks, there's more advantages than disadvantages in their use, so why block yourself from using them? Especially when firms incorporate the ability to play games without CDs in future patches?

You probably keep all your CDs in a room sized cupboard because you enjoy it like that, but the vast majority of people who own laptops for example, don't have the space to carry around CDs The reason they are not enforced is because they don't go after the people using them Cut them off at the source.


At the end of the day they are illegal, and that was the original question. I use cracks myself. That does not, in any way, change the fact that they are illegal under US laws. Companies are entirely in their right to persecute peope who use them. They do not because its expensive to do so and the gains are very minimal.

They much rather go after people who host pirate sites of the games versus those that just crack the games that they've legitimately bought. Its disingenous to tell someone that its legal to do something that is clearly not. Its one thing to tell a minor "Its illegal to smoke cigarettes, but you probably won't get caught" compared to "Oh yeah, bro, its totally legal to smoke if you're a minor!

Saying its legal to smoke as a minor because everyone's done it is really, really bad justification and a disservice to the person you are telling it to, regardless of your moral stance on the subject of minors and smoking.

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Thats just plain lying. Instead of asking yourself, is it illegal, you should rather ask yourself, does it matter if it's illegal? Also for the person that said it's all good unless you distribute it is wrong as well, you need to check up on DMCA laws. Will you get caught Kinda are kinda arent. Most likely your in the clear so dont worry. If you bought the game, you can do whatever you want to the game if you don't distribute it.

That's not true. You neverown a game. You buy a license to use it and agree with the limitations that come with the license agreement. This typically includes you are not allowed to change the game code. As long as you bough the game, no. In some games you'll get permanent bans for "cheats" however, so it's kinda risky. It is illegal, but I don't think it would ever hold up in court if they somehow tried to convict you of it.

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The other problem is that the whole thing would be a big joke--If the media found out, it would become a "Look, Big Corporation is trying to hurt the customer that did everything right! Those scumbags! I don't really care if something is technically legal or not. If you're paying for a game then there is nothing morally wrong in using a CD-crack for convenience. We really should be moving forwards,hard drives are so much better.

Are game "No-CD Cracks" Illegal...

I tried to get some info on how to contact Activision over this, but of course they were not allowed to do anything like that. No, they aren't. It saves the scratches you will put on your cd's from constant use. BUT, one thing is it can also solve your previous compatibility problems. Such as, Star-Force problems with Vista and game compatibility problems. I figured it was because I have Windows Vista 32 bit, so most of these NO CD patches solve alot of things you haven't even thought about.

Vietcong was mentioned in another thread, and I remembered this video review by Greg Kasavin. For those not wanting to watch in it's entireity: Does a no-cd crack in this circumstance change anyone's opinion of its legality or morality?

Does permit the cracking of copyright protection devices, however, to conduct encryption research, assess product interoperability , and test computer security systems. This is where you use law to your advantage. Cracks are legal if you assess the encryption of games or share information about the encyrption with others.

So, whenever you use a no-cd crack jump on these boards and report that such and such game needs improved encryption. I think cracks aren't illegal, but a pirate game is illegal. If you own the game and you use crack to by-pass the disc check it's okay. But if you just downloaded the game from the p2p network, that's just pathetic pircay, that won't be tolerated As long as you own the actual game, I could care less, but I don't use no-cd cracks simply because it's possible it could be detected in an MP server and possibly shut down if it's an online game where your stats are logged onto an outboard server like BF2 or BF Also available here are mini-tutorials and utilities to help you to create copies of your game media.

This can be a useful alternative to using the original discs.

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The overwhelming majority of video games are available as digital downloads, mostly via Steam although alternatives are available Tired of Steam? Want to know what else you can use? Here are a list of safe alternatives in gaming distribution websites and platforms! Better still, Steam enables you to add CD keys from many older games into your Steam library, thereby running the title without the disc.

As great as it is to have physical media for your PC games, its time has almost passed. Forget about the ritual of opening the box, admiring the disc and the artwork, and popping the media into the optical drive. This is now a thing of the past. Instead, all you need is a double click to launch the game from your desktop, with the minimum of fuss. What do you think? Is this a good development, or does it strip games of their cultural importance when physical art cannot be admired as part of the experience?

Do you use No-CD cracks, or have you abandoned them for Steam and other solutions? Tell us in the comments. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. I do not use Steam as I resent renting games and being at the mercy of the internet to be able to play them. I do use CD cracks to keep my legally purchased media as pristine as possible for as long as possible. Overall a very reasonable forward looking article. There are usually different versions of a game where patches have come out, e.

You will need to get the matching no-cd crack. Once you overwrite the game's. The no-cd crack usually has to match the current game version. So if you've got a crack for 1. Worked when I was writing this article, and it still works for me now. Perhaps the site is banned from your network? Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter.

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