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Access the project-level settings

Deutschland - Deutsch. Eesti - Eesti. Instead, tweak the settings to push your favorite networks to the top of the pile and forget the ones you'll never visit again. In System Preferences , click Network and then choose Advanced to edit the list of networks. If you own an Apple Watch, you can use your wearable to access your Mac: When you're wearing the watch, your password-protected computer will let you launch the system while bypassing the log-in screen. Put on and unlock the smart watch. The watch should buzz to confirm the change, and next time you turn on the computer, you won't have to enter your password.

But sometimes its search parameters are so broad that you have trouble picking out the object of your search.

How To Restore Icons That Have Been Removed from the Desktop in Windows XP

Untick any of the less relevant categories, like Presentations or Spreadsheets , that you want Spotlight to leave out of its search results. By hovering your cursor over different corners of the screen, you can launch actions like showing the desktop, starting a screensaver, putting the display to sleep, or opening Mission Control which provides a view of all your open windows. But first, you have to set up these shortcuts. Now you can decide which function to associate with which corner. On a laptop like the MacBook, one of the biggest drains on the battery is the display.

To save juice, you can make the computer go to sleep quickly after a period of inactivity, or tell the screen to dim slightly when running on battery power. Open System Preferences and go to Energy Saver to toy with these settings and make your battery last longer. Services like maps and weather need to access your location to help you navigate and prepare you for a rainy day. But they're not the only apps that can see where you are.

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In this menu, open Privacy and choose Location Services to see a list of apps. Then untick the boxes for any programs you don't want to track you. By default, your instant messages stick around on macOS forever, which is handy if you have a poor memory, but wastes disk space and could compromise your security. To have Apple automatically trim your message history, open the Messages app, click Messages on the bar at the top of the screen, and select Preferences. Under the General tab, open the Keep messages drop-down menu to limit the size of your archive.

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You can save the past 30 days of messages, or keep your conversations for a year. If you leave your computer running while you work, notifications can be distracting. So tell macOS to set "do not disturb" times when it will mute these alerts.

macos - Applications gone from Dock. How to restore? - Ask Different

Here, you can specify the hours when you don't want to see any notifications. You can also disable alerts during those times when the display is off or being mirrored to another screen. Even if you share a computer with others, you might not want them installing software on it.

With the App Store open, go to the bar at the top of the screen and choose App Store followed by Preferences. Under the Password Settings heading, set the two drop-down menus to Always Require and Require Password , respectively. Now nobody will be able to install new apps without entering your password. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. Skip to main content. Premium Profile. Hmm, depending on how precisely you formulated the question there are several possible answers: If you do 1, it adds the apps folder to the Dock but the icon is wrong I then went into its options and selected "show as folder" and that fixed the icon.

It defaults to Stack then which just shows a stack of icons of the folder content. Fixed above.

How To Restore Icons That Have Been Removed from the Desktop in Windows XP

Alernative 3 helped me. You saved my time. I was looking for this issue's solution a long time. Angie Angie 41 1. If you're talking about the App Store icon: He wants the application folder, not a specific application. Check this out forums. Get Info on it Command-I then proceed to selecting the little folder icon on the top left.

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Cut Command-x and your original icon should be restored. Emmanuel Erukson Emmanuel Erukson 1. You cannot put a folder in the main applications section of the dock. Alternatively, you can type this into a shell to reset the dock to the default state: This may also work for you: Abhi Beckert Abhi Beckert 1, 1 12 Drag Launchpad. I am using Maverick