Como abrir unidad de cd en mac

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How to use CD/DVD drive on either Mac or Windows

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CD-ROM Control - Descargar

Parallels Desktop for Mac registration and activation. Hold down the mouse button when you hear the startup sound as the computer restarts. Start up from Mac OS X and customize the toolbar with an eject button. In the window that appears, drag the Eject button to the toolbar, then click Done. Select the disc you want to eject in the Finder window, then click the Eject button in the toolbar. Press the Eject key on the Apple Pro Keyboard. You must press the F12 key longer to prevent the tray from accidentally opening. Click the eject button in iTunes illustrated in Figure 1.

If you're attempting to eject from an external disk drive instead, press and hold the F12 key until the disk pops out.

Power Mac G4: How to Open the CD/DVD Tray

Most external disk drives also have a physical button that you can press. Some disk drives have a small pinhole in the front. You can insert a small paperclip or similar object into this hole and push to open manually the CD tray. This keyboard shortcut will force your CD to eject if the Eject key isn't working but the CD drive is undamaged. Use the Finder.

Open the Finder—which resembles a blue, face-shaped icon in your Mac's Dock—then do the following: Find the disk's name under "Devices" on the left side of the window. Click the "Eject" triangle icon to the right of the disk's name. Drag the disk icon into the trash. Locate the disk icon on your computer's desktop, click and drag it onto the Trash Can in the lower-right corner of the screen, and release the disk icon. This should prompt the CD to eject from your Mac. Eject the disc with iTunes.

Reparar un disco con Utilidad de Discos en el Mac

To do so: Open iTunes Click Controls in the upper-left side of the screen. Method 2. Close any open apps. Some CD drives—especially external ones—won't respond to ejection commands if the CD is currently being used by an app. You can keep web browsers open, but make sure things like iTunes, media players, video games, and any other programs that might be using the disk are shut down.

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Tilt your Mac while ejecting the disk. Angle the disk slot side of the Mac downward, then use one of the disk ejection techniques that you'd use for a working disk.

Aprende a expulsar disco atorado/atascado en el super drive de cualquier Mac.

Sometimes mechanical parts that drive the CD ejection can become weakened over time; gravity may provide the push you need to release the CD. Restart your Mac while holding down the mouse button.