Configurare utorrent mac os x

Open the uTorrent installer. When the download finishes, go to the folder or desktop where you saved the file.

Como Acelerar Descargas en uTorrent [MAC OS X]

Double-click the downloaded file to launch the installer. Agree on the User Agreement. Select the location in the directory where you want to save uTorrent.

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By default, the program is installed in the Program Files folder. Method 2. Launch the Safari browser on your Mac. Any browser will also do. It is located at the top of the browser interface. You will be directed to the uTorrent for Mac page.

Now the lightweight power and performance of µTorrent available for your Mac.

The download will start automatically. Go to the download section. Click the icon at the top right of the browser. It looks like an arrow pointing down. For more information see Good Torrents. If you still have issues after using this guide and would like some assistance, you may post here or our Forums. The comments section here is not well set up for ongoing discussions, so the forums are a better place. Those who wish to post a thanks may post here or in the forums. I always appreciate hearing from those who this helped and I do read the posts regularly.

I used to respond to each thanks, but realized it was clogging up the comments section. I thank all those who have posted their appreciation and all those who will.

uTorrent 1.8.7 for macOS

Comments Yes, uTorrent was running. When I try testing the ports on canyouseeme. I got this error for all the ports I tried:. If this address is not dynamic, posting it to forums will make you vulnerable to hacking]. Well written instructions that improved the performance dramatically. Particularly for large size files the improvement was spectacular! Job well done.

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Optimizing µTorrent for Mac For Speed

Please support us keeping our content free by disabling your ad blocker. Choose a proper port to avoid ISP blocks and conflicts with other programs Forward that port through any software firewall and router to allow incoming connections Adjust internal settings based upon upload capacity of the internet connection to allow room for outgoing communications and to distribute upload efficiently.

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Optimizing Bittorrent Clients Choosing A Proper Port To avoid messing up a network connection that is already cleared, first check and see if your communications are blocked or are already clear. Port is Blacklisted Windows users, if you want to make certain there is no conflict. Forwarding The Port Introduction A router will block incoming communications unless an exception is made.

uTorrent macOS Sierra (10.12) : onglet Général

Otherwise, you can check these options for guides: You can check these options for guides: The help file of your router is the best place to look Portforward. Do Not Use These Numbers. Yes, uTorrent was running.

Later Edit: It depends what firewalls you have. If you have a router, then the first thing to do is to check the manual for the router for port forwarding information. Otherwise, you will need the make and model number and then check the link to portforward. At portforward there usually will be a guide for your router.

Optimizing µTorrent for Mac For Speed | Gizmo's Freeware

If not, then post the make and model here. I know many Mac users do not have an active software firewall. If you wanted to keep the firewall active, setting an exception for uTorrent is usually not that hard. Again, the best place to look is in the documentation for the software. There are also some links to guides for software firewalls in this guide.

Hello, When I try testing the ports on canyouseeme. I got this error for all the ports I tried: I could not see your service on xxxxxx on port Reason: Connection timed out What can I do? Did you have uTorrent running when you tested? Have you set an exception for uTorrent in any firewalls, software or hardware router or possibly modem , on your system? It was designed to use as little cpu, memory and space as possible while offering all the functionality expected from advanced clients. This will allow you or other users on the network to download their torrents but still allow others on the network to function with little difference.

This does not require any additional setup. In addition, uTP in this version has added its own form of STUN, a method of getting incoming connections without direct connectivity to the Internet. UDP trackers are a different protocol for tracker communication that uses significantly less processing power on the tracker end. It's important for us to support this because trackers have limited resources, so this should allow them to support many more users with their current hardware and not crash under the load.

Currently, you can configure the time interval, the data cap and whether it should stop based on only download, upload, or both combined. Download options:. Direct Download External Mirror. Last updated: