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The Ingram MAC M10 was a short-lived, compact submachine gun initiative seeing limited production and equally-limited action across the globe. While introducing some impressive and interesting concepts, the weapon system failed to materialize as a serious contender within the established submachine market and was soon overtaken by other factor out of her control. The weapon system was not helped by the American military's decision to pass on full production orders and her future was ultimately decided for her with the collapse of her host company, Military Armament Corporation MAC - hence the "MAC" designation.

Despite the widely-accepted designation of "MAC", the submachine gun was officially marketed as the "M10" and the former identifier was never used in any official capacity. However, it has since become universally accepted as the "MAC" and nothing more.

IWI UZI Pistol

Their joint venture and flagship product was to become the MAC with the ultimate hope being quantitative sales to the US military during the ongoing Vietnam War. To the casual observer, the MAC showcased a design not unlike the Israeli-made UZI series as well as other submachine guns that have mimicked this general design layout.

The submachine gun was characterized by a rectangular receiver fitting a simple straight pistol grip that doubled as the magazine feed. There was a rounded-rectangle trigger ring ahead of the pistol grip and below the forward portion of the receiver. The safety catch was set to the right of the trigger guard. Construction was of steel stampings and the bolt was of a wrap-around - or telescoping - design, essentially "wrapping around" the barrel and allowing the MAC to achieve such a short receiver length and thus remain a compact weapon system.

These design elements made for a steady gun platform, concentrating the firing action balance just over the pistol grip. The cocking handle was situated along the stop of the receiver and accessible by either hand.

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Interestingly, there was a notch cut through the handle to ensure an unfettered line-of-sight between the operator, the weapon and his target. The cocking handle also doubled as a safety for it could be turned in a degree action to lock the bolt and serve as a visual indicator that the weapon was made safe and unready to fire.

The firing action was accomplished through an open bolt, blow-back operated design. A rather large ejection port opening was fitted along the right side of the receiver, corresponding to the placement of the magazine beneath it. A short sling could be attached to a hook at the front panel of the receiver. The base MAC model was chambered to fire the powerful man-stopping. Muzzle velocity was rated at feet per second with the heavy bullet and rate-of-fire was an impressive 1, rounds per minute.

The removable wire stock was fully collapsible to allow for an ever more compact design. Overall length was 1 foot, 9. The length was increased to 2 feet, 7. Unloaded weight registered at 2. This comment was the one that made me laugh the most today. It's the small things in life I guess. I just wanted to show you one of the gun made here in the philippines. Its the X9 and it has a pistol variant and a machine pistol one.

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It pretty unreliable because it picky when it comes to ammunition and the firing rate of the machine pistol is very fast and uncontrollable but its nothing a heavier bolt wouldn't fix. Is it true the Philippines makes unserialized guns and sells them to America? Just heard this recently and since you're into guns and from there I figured it'd be cool to hear your side on this.

I think they only sell those guns here or any countries nearby. Selling it on the usa would be considered suicide because of how strict the country have become. However i wouldn't say it's not possible, we've been making our guns cheaper recently to combat the illegal firearms so i guess the illegal gunsmiths resorting to us states with strict gun control could be the reason you heard that. They make illegal guns in the forests of Danao, they get shipped out by shady people but, if you get caught it's huge trouble.

I watched a show about "ghost guns" and it showed how they did it. Super interesting they have jigs made and they basically make working colt 45's with a vise, a drill and some files. These were imported by century for a time However a lot of them ended up being full auto by mistake. You would pull the bolt back, release, and watch the magazine empty without touching the trigger due to a sear issue Good times. I had one of those for a week. Was given a bunch of , didn't have a Bought it for , sold it for a week later with rds more down the tube.

I can definitely see why the semi autos aren't very popular. They were designed to be very cheap and easy to manufacture. It's actually a pretty genius design with its simplicity.

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But these were designed to be full auto and they are absolute bullet hoses. Completely impractical for any use imaginable, but fun! Yep the m10 was offered in both 9mm and 45acp. Different magwell, bolt and barrel. You can actually put a removable insert in the 45's magwell to run the 9mm mags and just swap the upper.

Edit here is a picture of one for sale not mine http: More info http: There are 9mmP M10s. M11s are.

The Philippine X9 MAC-11 Clone

There are actually far more 9mm M11's but that's because they ramped up production in a huge way just before the ban. Also I believe one guy owns like half of them. Daniel over a span of almost 20 years. I misspoke, or mistyped really. Pick up The Mac Man, it's full of some super rare one off and tons of interesting info on the guns and Daniels. Here's one. Note the large Cobray logo in the middle and the SWD logo at the bottom. I own one, I'm quite familiar with the mfg stamp and Cobray logo.

Under the Cobray company name, "MAC's" were manufactured as models: M10, M11, M12, etc. Daniels was the parent over of this company. I recently installed a LAGE upper on it. Check it out. Do you have any source for that? Sounds like an interesting story.

I have an orignal Powders springs I'm trying to find a source. I don't remember where I originally read that. From what I remember, some guy or company bought about half of them before the ban and has just been hanging onto them since. I'll try to find a source on that as I'm interested to know more as well. Actually there's no such thing as a Mac It called an M I have a full auto version.

The Philippine X9 MAC Clone -The Firearm Blog

Yes that's why the Macs usually come with a little lanyard style grip hanging down from the front of the gun to hold onto with your other hand. Well the mac 10 is always a hit or miss when comes to appearance, its all depends on your taste in the end. The mac10 may have copied the uzi and made look lame but i wouldn't call the whole thing a poor bastardization. I'm talking about the Filipino back alley square ass piece of trash I'm looking at that was probably made from a melted down shopping cart. For a poor country known for making illegal M's out scraps i wouldn't really considered that an insult but rather a possibility and besides it cant be that bad than those Chinese rip off's.

Context doesn't make this any less garbage. Identifying with a country is dumb, but I mean, identifying with a shit country is downright retarded. Thailand is more popular for Ladyboys than the Philippines. But then again an American military man is in prison for killing a transgender after he was suprised by the dick he touched.

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