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After struggling with the software, I finally gave up and plugged the machine into an old Windows XP box that I have.

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My project is similar to yours: The Nikon software is horrible, but works well-enough with the scanner. I tweaked one of the settings in the Nikon software to help eradicate the worst of the scratches, but otherwise, I left everything alone. Depending on how many slides you have I had about 15, , the slide loader is a life saver. It's not perfect, but it's great to be able to load in 50 slides and walk away. Overall, I wish that I never had agreed to scan the slides.

I use VueScan with my Nikon scanner. I can point you to some example scans that I have uploaded on flickr if you'd like to see them before making a purchase. I use my Coolscan with NikonScan 4. It seems to work for single slide scanning, although I have read that the film strip reader won't work. Nikon's website says that they don't support running under Some people have posted that the Nikon software works only if it's re-installed after the OS is installed. VueScan seems to work OK, but there are differences. The color corrections are different, the dust removal is different, and there seem to be more ways to make mistakes in VueScan like the Print Size menu.

I bought my scanner last year it's now discontinued , and I think Nikon's failure to support the scanner on a 2-year-old OS is scandalous. When I buy a digital camera, I will be thinking about this. Originally posted by Nadster: Isn't this more expensive than buying Vuescan, if you aren't already running XP?

OS X 10.6 Software for Nikon Coolscan V Slide Scanner?

Plus, Vuescan is actually a supported product, while you're running marginally supported software on the n-2 generation version of the OS. I thought everyone was using VueScan these days? Also, have you tried using Image Capture? I heard somewhere that it has scanner support in Image Capture is an appalling waste of CPU cycles. VueScan, on the other hand, is brilliant. Nikon's own software is pretty much junk.

VueScan is excellent. It actually worked with an old, cheap Acer scanner I bought sometime in Great software. Originally posted by jwbaker: Have you tried the latest Image Capture? You can put several photos on the scanning bed, and it will correctly identify them as separate photos, individually crop them, and scan them into separate files. It made scanning a bunch of old family photo prints MUCH faster and easier.

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I do think I'm going to go with VueScan, as its price is reasonable and it gets pretty good reviews from MANY sources both elsewhere and here. Perhaps stupid question, but if you want to do OCR with these older scanners what's the best choice? Isn't VueScan just a stand alone program? Originally posted by dh The Nikon software for the older scanners hasn't been updated for years. The older Windows OS are actually a better choice for use on the control station.

I went with VueScan Professional mainly for the free upgrades for life and have been pleased with the results. Last time I tried, Nikon Scan 4. I haven't tried it under snow leopard yet.

Nikon CoolScan 5000 ED Driver

I have a LSED but it sounds like you were using the same software. Originally posted by KDogg: I guess Nikon Scan is officially not compatible.

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  5. From what I've seen of Silverfast, it seems to be the best scanner software out there, feature wise. I think the interface could use a lot of work, but the features are there. Here is a link to a photo.

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    As I wrote above, some people claim that it works with special black magic, and some don't. The only thing that is clear is that all these photographers--and if they bought Nikon slide scanners, they're mostly serious photographers--are mad at Nikon. Answer Link for Nikon Scan 3. Users should also check for firmware updates choose your product and "Firmware Updates" from the menus above before installing Nikon Scan 4.

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    Many features have been added to Nikon Scan 4. A full version of Nikon Scan 4. File Size 32MB. Nikon Portal. Search our Frequently Asked Questions…. Nikon Scan 4. Information Title.

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    What is new? The Digital DEE function has been added. The Scan Image Enhancer function has been added. A function to start up Nikon View has been added. Nikon View 6 must be installed for using this function. Administrator privileges are required to install and uninstall Nikon Scan 4.