Velveeta cheesy skillets ultimate cheeseburger mac recipe

I am totally going to grab a few boxes of these to have on hand!! I grew up on Velveeta and have that familiar long yellow box sitting in my pantry right now!! I love quick and easy meals for nights my daughter has lessons. I'd love to try any of these.

Thanks for the chance. I could use a good skillet too. Theresa DearCreatives. I can totally relate to all of it! You've got me pegged Jamie!

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That food blogging story was awesome! Love the recipe. I had to laugh because my food blogger mind never shuts off, either! And the skillet story is just awesome. My hubby and I ate dinners like this right after we were married almost every night. They are still comfort food for us! I'm like you Jamie — seldom make the same meal twice! Alfredo for sure. I'm a sucker for cream sauces.

Lately I don't feel like cooking anything. Happens ever summer. Easy is the way to go. Thanks for sharing, Jamie…and for the giveaway. Hi Jamie, I just wanted to drop by and thank you, I just got your email! I sent you a reply via email let me know if you got it! I can't wait to try them out and am so excited to get a new skillet too!!


All my best!! Thanks again, Theresa DearCreatives.

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I have a box of this! I keep looking at it and deciding against it. This a better alternative for Hamburger Helper. My boyfriend and I love Velveeta Cheesey Skillets. Cheese burger Mac and cheese is one of my favorite of the skillets. I love this skillet dish. I don't usually make it with hamburger meat, but it can make anything taste just as good. It is not on the healthy side, but who said you couldn't have a cheat day.

Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Dinner Kit Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac

Price wise, it's pretty decent, but not something that I purchase every time I go food shopping. The flavor can get pretty boring after a while, so I wouldn't suggest it as a weekly thing to eat obviously , but great to enjoy. Would recommend to a friend. July 13, , 5: These dinner kits are the bomb! They taste great, easy to prepare and very affordable! Not the most healthy option but a good one for someone in a hurry.

I purchase these when I don't have a lot of time.

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I would say I'm satisfied with the kit! Can I make this without adding the meat? Lynn B. Badge Icon Foodie Expert Level 5. Foodie Expert Level 3.

The Cheeseburger Macaroni Mistake. Delicious! - The Spicy Apron

Sikirat M. Jamaica, NY. Badge Icon Foodie Expert Level 1. This product is absolutely amazinggg. I can't even express too you how good this product is. I find myself with it all the time. This is a definite MUST!! Featured By Indira H. Just when everyone rolled in, dinner came out. Both our families have had this dish several times, so I was taken aback by the number of compliments I got. This is awesome!

Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac Made with 2% Milk Cheese Dinner Kit 11.5 oz Box

Of course not! This was Cheeseburger Macaroni — emphasis on burger. So I politely explained about all of the awesome spices I had put in it, which must be what he was tasting. And everyone accepted that explanation.

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Until the next morning. As everyone sat down for our traditional scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, and sausage patties breakfast the next morning, the room got quiet. Everyone seemed to be enjoying breakfast, but there was an unusual stillness in the air. Once I had served everyone, I finally got a chance to sit down to eat — a big bite of fluffy scrambled eggs and toast, followed by a nibble of the breakfast sausage.

And then I knew. Kind of funny that no one even mentioned it until I declared the obvious! My hubby was right…. And therein lies the problem. I had mixed up the chubs! It was a mistake. And what a great mistake it was!